D-2 Gas Oil Buyer


D-2 Gas Oil Buyer – is it a real buyer? This is the question the guy who sent me this asked me. When asked the most important thing: “What is the buyer’s name and company?” Surprise! They have no idea.

D-2 Gas Oil

NOTICE: There are a ton of spelling errors. The so called “buyer” wants a contract in hand (a big job) before ever proving they are even a worthy or even real buyer. Not likely.

D-2 Gas Oil Buyer (?)


This is what they sent to us expecting us to advise for free I guess…

I have a D-2 Gas Oil Buyer who wants this procedure and can close asap!

The price is minus $23 / $18 NWE plats and is CIF delivered all the time to Rotterdam. $2.50 Sell / $2.50 Buy (starting with you, John); Seller will pay Sell side; Seller or Buyer pay Buy side at your choice. Volume is up to 450k per month –minimum 100k mt.

This D200 (D-2 Gas Oil) will be loaded at NOVO .

The first 100.000 mt is on CI DIP and Pay with TTO in NOVO on CIF Rotterdam.

After succesfull TTO you pay with MT 103 and destination is Rotterdam.

After this succesfull TTO the RDLC will be come direct in force.

We can get 450.000 MT max a month.


1. Seller issues Pro-Forma InvoiceD-2 Gas Oil Buyer

2. Buyer signs and returns Invoice with any amendments

3. Seller responds with contract

4. Buyer signs and returns draft contract with any amendments

5. Seller sends Buyer Partial POP (Allocation Number, Certificate of

Transfer Number and Passport code, Product Number)

6. Seller secures TTO documents and schedules loading

7. Buyer shall issue ATB format and Tugboat details for issuance of

ATB and Clearance of their supercargo and inspectors to board vessel

8. Seller then issues marine SGS-Q88, TTO with ATB for final Clearance



9. Buyer immediately pays for loaded cargo via MT103 for total cargo

and formally takes-over initiated transaction and conclude with the

new signed Charter Party Agreement to their destination port

10. Seller reassigns all cargo documentation to Buyer

11. Buyer’s vessel sails to agreed destination port

12. Buyer posts RDLC (equal to one month’s deliveries) with Seller for

subsequent lifts

13. Next Cargo undergoes the same procedures until the 12 month

contract has been satisfied and expires

**Buyer pays for each lift via MT103 upon receipt of invoice.

D-2 Gas Oil Gost 305 – 82

Color 3.0

Conradson Carbon Residue, 10%

Distillation % mass 0.20

Total Sulphur Content % mass 0.02 0.05

Mercaptan Sulphur ppm 0.01

Acidity, mg/1000 cm³ 5

Iodine Number g/100g 6

Density@15 ºC Kg/m³ 0.870

Distillation 50% Volume Deg. ºC 280


Distillation 90% Volume Deg. ºC 360


Flash Point, PMCC Deg. ºC 66 93

Cloud Point Deg. ºC 5.0

Pour Point Deg. ºC -10.0

Kinematic Viscosity at 20ºC cST 3.0 6.0

Cetane Index 45

Copper Corrosion 3 HRs at (Typical) 1.0

50 ºC0

Ash Content % mass 1A

Water Content % vol 0.05

Bacteria MBC Fibre/it 500

Bacteria CFU Fibre/it 100


They gotta show they can BUY —OK! ————Hey Question, Does Buyer have RUVEE#?

As Discussed, Please note that we are looking for the source of supply of Residual Oil or Slop/sludge Oil . Attached is the sample specifications, and this specs. is just for reference. Basically, we will take any other specifications available. Would you please confirm the quantity available of the product, specifications, Origin and the price per MT on FOB basis or CIF China along with the seller procedure, terms and conditions.

Please note and advise on the following specifications:

1) Ash.
2) Distillation range (From IBP every 5% to recovery)
3) Asphaltenes.
4) Sediments by extraction.
5) Viscosity @ 100 degrees C.

Also, advise the loading port information (location and specifications) as well as loading laycan for 80 to 100kt.
Please advise urgently.

YES “URGENTLY” like I am going to even lift a finger for this guy….

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